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The coolest place!

I have recently spent a few days in Zurich and I must say that since my latest trip of some years ago I've found this city deeply changed. Zurich has not shown to be just the "capital" of finance and bankers, but I discovered it lively, alternative, almost surprising. In the streets of the old town and along the Limmat I found so many tiny shops that have inspired me a super cool shopping: in the refined vintage shops I saw furniture from the 60s and 70s, artwork, even a wonderful vintage table football for the living room!

The city's look is very contemporary, modern buildings and rationalism are found mixed with the style of the ancient palaces and some deco bistro. Like La Stanza, with its 'latte macchiato' and classic espresso, hand-made brioche and puffs for breakfast, hot focaccia and homemade pasta at lunch - a simple style but with excellent quality and especially very cool, enriched by a touch of the past, such as the marble bar and the beautiful chandeliers of the 50s.

Although contemporary, Zurich does not forget its traditions for the Christmas period - and even outside of it. In the heart of the historic center, the so-called sweet corner, it is located the rich tradition activity of Conditorei Schober. Wrapped in an elegant atmosphere, where time seems to stand still, to make room for the pleasures of life: the home-made chocolate, pastries and many sophisticated products to lose your head. Finding a seat here is not always easy, but once seated you are pampered and spoiled by all the delicacies.

Zurich is truly amazing for the vitality with which it has transformed his former industrial neighborhoods in trendy architectures and fashionable clubs. Here everything is art, the containers have become shops, to the abandoned factories reborn as restaurants and pubs. The Zürich-West district is the proof. The industrial buildings are now converted and host galleries, bistros, studies centers. Ex silos are mixed with the houses and under the railway viaduct there are many showrooms. I was at 'Tarzan' shop full with contemporary style clothes, where I bought a beautiful powder blue color, which perfectly matches with my accessories.

The opportunity to come to Zurich was the invitation to the party that marked the beginning of the renovation works of the Hotel Storchen, a hotel with 660 years of history where both Paracelsus and Wagner stayed as guests. An interesting aspect of these works is the schedule for the reopening, only six and a half weeks, and the funny thing is the wager, according to which the hotel manager and the architect who directs the work, if not respect these times, should take a dip in the freezing waters of the Limmat on February the 20th. Being in Switzerland we can really can believe it! And to follow the progress of restorations and the outcome of the bet here it is the link to the specially created blog: I will be back soon in Zurich and I will update you on the progress. For now let me taste some candy at Confiserie Sprüngli in Paradeplatz.

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