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The Arengario, a special place for me

Sitting in the middle of the Arengario staircase, I observe the marble of Cardoglio - the material this building is made of - and I find myself thinking how it holds the whole of my favorite colors: pink, white and grey, with some abundance of blackish hints.

One of our best architects, Piero Portaluppi, chose this marble to clad the Arengario walls, lending to this building the extraordinary elegance and the Milanese charme which perfectly suit their location besides our Cathedral. Since1387, referring to a priviledge of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, this kind of marble was specifically reserved for the 'Fabbrica del Duomo' of Milano to build up the pillars, the arcs and the perimetral walls, to clad the facades and the terraces and also for the decorations and the sculpture. Still today this is the material mostly used for any maintenance of the building.

It is not the first time I remain sitting on this marvelous staircase. White and noble, fully immersed in the Square architecture, but at the same time over and above it, it was the ideal location to take an important decision for my life. Sitting on those staircases I was not involved at all in the world life surrounding myself, alive but distant, while I was focusing my attention above everything, thanks to the Duomo pinnacles, soaring to the sky. Still detecting and appreciating the place embracing me, I was able not to get distracted and to understand what I was really chasing for.

It was a day like today, cold and luminous, and the light was reflected and made more intense by the whiteness of the Cardoglia marble all around. I turned out to feel in a a kind of a separated world and I don't know how long I stayed there, almost in contemplation, but actually only wrapped up by my thoughts. I was then brought back to reality by the squalls of schoolchildren visiting an exhibition at the Museo del Novecento.

I am fully convinced that we stand where our previous decisions have led us and I like to think that if I am here today to take those pictures, the merit and responsibility is the decision chosen that very day.

I am feeling part of this square and staircase today, thanks to my look, tied to their architecture. My plissé silver skirt glancing the light matched with a silk shirt with plissé sleeves horizontally worked, are both pieces I find perfectly aligned with the stairs and the stones carving of the walls.

My grey turtle neck pull, a Blumarine gilet embroidered with white flowers and silver decorations is both flashing brilliance and evoquing the color of the buildings stones around.

My white Chanel is almost lost within all this whiteness. The suede Vuitton shoes, the only one black detail though recalling the blackish touches of Candoglio marble, while the silvery clasps are at one with the bag silver details and with my jewels on my wrist.

Sometimes a place acquires a very important role in our soul because it remains forever tied up to the feelings we have experienced right there, which we will never forget.

This stairway will forever occupy a special place in my heart.

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