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This abundance of chaos, is this your Eden?

"This abudance of chaos, is this your Eden? In my world even anarchy is by Royal command and chaos must adhere to budget".

It is with this very sentence that the artist and architect André Le Nôtre, dispite his initial disappointment, choses in the movie 'A little chaos', Madame Sabine De Barra, a woman not of noble origins, to realize one of the main gardens of the new Versailles palace, in particular, the open air Bal Room with water games, nowadays known as Bosquet de Rocailles. This garden has been the last one to be restored before the final settlement of the 'Roi Soleil', moved from the Louvre to the Versailles Court.

I adored this delightful movie with its charming story.

Besides the fake character of the gardener , André Le Nôtre was really the landscape architect of the King Luis XIV since 1645 to 1700, contributing to the construction and the conception of the Versailles gardens. Practically starting from a swampland, he knew how to transform it into the formal garden we see today, according to the geometry and the symmetry principles. It is exactly from the the word ROCAILLES that so called ROCOCO' derives and develops in France.

I like to think that the marvelous Fendi top 'Botanical Garden' I am wearing in those pictures took inspiration from the Versailles gardens magnificence: that richness of plots, embroideries, glitters and ruches take me back to the splendor and the pomp of the King court.

The floral patterns are inspired by the sumptuous French gardens, which in Springtime turn into lush colored Paradise corners, and if you carefully look at the detail of the embroidered flowers, it really seems as if you enter into a magical garden.

Furthermore, the striped silk top I wear underneath, refers to those geometrical patterns that are linked to the principles of symmetry of Le Nôtre gardens, which perfectly match with the floral decorations. As well as the basic black leather pants of Louis Vuitton together with my simple suede Chanel boots, leave the space to the richness of the outfit upper part, enhancing the mini Fendi peekaboo, same color of the top stripes and of some glitter embroiders.

Nothing is by chance in this sartorial masterpiece, where the Maison handmade artisan talent and the refined creativity are key players. This is the romanticism of the 'Rois Soleil' Karl Lagerfeld and the embroidered, sewed, inlaid flowers are the luxurious detail of his botanical garden.

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