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Red, please!

Red is a color having multiple meanings since ancient times.

The tradition to wear something red seems to go back to the times of Octavianus Augustus Imperator in 31b.C. , when both men and women used to exactly wear something red for the Roman New Year's Eve, a color representing power, heart,health, fertility.

In the Renaissance period, it was a fashion must to produce wedding dresses with rigorously colorful and precious fabrics such as velvets, brocades and damasks: the overall mostly used color was red, because it was considered not only a wishing well color for birth but also a color able to avoid the bad events, because symbol of pride, strength and bravery.

Red shows itself since the past as the color for positive auspices. In art it is the symbol of luck, strenght, success. It is a very powerful color, it is source of vigour, stimulating positive energies and eliminating the negative ones.

And so which better color to drive away the past year, starting with enthusiasm and joy the new one?

For this year end I have decided to bet everything on a beautiful ForteForte red ruby long dress, declining all the accessories accordingly... Dior Lucky charms bag - some more good auspice is never enough -and red Louis Vuitton pumps! The whiteness of the fur, besides warming me up a little, still brings a festive effect to the whole ensemble.

I think red is the best representing color for love and feelings, passion, romanticism. Red is the heart and all that is concerned passing through shades of red. Passion and romance with their symbols: red roses, hearts blooming on romantic cards... The emotional sphere of love finds in red all its thousands variations, starting with more romantic love till overwhelming passion, with its strong impact, which passionates but also warms up the spirit.

Have you ever heard about the legend of the red string?

The myth of the red string is a very well know Japanese legend, which takes inspiration from an ancient Chinese story. This traditional story tells that an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break and it will be destiny that those people, sooner or later, will meet to develop a great friendship, fall in love, or have a very special connection in some way, forever.

I love to think that in the New Year many will be able to connect their red strings...

I wish you all a Happy New Year, rich with good greetings and love!

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