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Christmas Eve here we are...

I am delighted to transmit my Christmas greetings to the ones who follow me, starting with some suggestion for the Christmas look and ending with some tips for the heart.

I do love so much black and gold! This is by far one of the combinations that works better during festive occasions. Black and gold match perfectly and amplify each other, so why not?

In this period I think nothing is better than show off a beautiful floor-length skirt, with an important volume and a sophisticated flair.

I have decided to go for a glamorous and unexpected Christmas look, playing just with gold and black tones, at the end a very simple one.

It is indeed made up only by a black lightweight fine knit roll, long sleeves and tight-fitting sweater, together with a light fabric wide skirt shiny squares decorated, such an Oriental style flavor. The skirt has been created by a French designer, Laurence Bras. She designs with a mix of a certain French grace together with Indian vibes, deriving from her life in between with Delhi and Goa, and those vibes have caught me immediately. I adored this glowing skirt as soon as I've seen it in a very cosy fashion shop, Milaura, in the historical centre of Milano.

I have decided to match the skirt with a black sweater of Christophe Lemaire, showing contemporary lines, clearly influenced by the Parisian street style of Le Marais, apparently essential, but highlighting in reality a deeper complexity, with a flash-back to a certain French cut. The sweater, with a smooth V-necked in front, in contrast with the ribbed manufacture of the whole, seeming a joint piece though perfectly integrated, on which I leave dropping my gold chains. After all this is a must-sparkling evening!

This sweater was on the shelves of Milaura too. This tiny beautiful store is a true jewel of style hunting with a very peculiar touch and an unprecedented selection, where you can find exclusive and unique cloths, really inspiring for any occasion.

My look is complete with the final touch of the accessories. Heels, to be precise Louis Vuitton pumps, with glittering heels and plateau, enriched by a golden and black ribbon, while I'm keeping a gold clutch in my hands, still a Louis Vuitton.

Tonight, also my beauty look has a very important role. I have planned a natural styled hair and a Christmas make-up as follows: light coloring skin tone, together with dark eyeshadow and Dior black eyeliner, without forgetting a Chanel red lipstick, always pretty good on the smile! To end up with a perfectly done red manicure!

I wish you that those festive days can be the occasion to spend intimate moments with the most important persons in your life. Hope you will be able to transmit them all your deeper feelings. Never be shy with beautiful words or positive thoughts, remember that everything passes through and that it really lasts is only what leave in the heart of the people around you.

And this is the best gift you could ever give away.

Merry Christmas!

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