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Waiting like a Queen

Could you imagine when on a normal week day, busy and crazy as usual, you're suddenly thrown into a magical place feeling like Alice in the Wonderland, a place out of normal rhythms, where suddenly everything turns out into a very special evening, when every single moment is all about uniqueness, excellence, preciousness, majesty....Yes Royal Majesty.

The 'Sala Reale' of Milan Central Railway Station was born specifically to host the Royal Italian family in an ambience suitable for His Majesty, while he was on hold waiting for his train convoy to leave from the track number 21, accessing from there directly to the train, after overstepping the glass doors of the room. The entire decor of this room was curated till the smallest details: the floor inlaid wood accompanied the Royal members all along a corridor enriched by decorations, marbles, mosaics and furnitures of important value.

This is the room we were welcomed in, an atmosphere reflecting the magnificence of the past, a nearly surrealistic ambiance, contrasting with the daily chaotic traffic of passengers who crowd into the Milan Central Railway station - that we could barely see through the colored old glass windows, while a train convoy was departing. A really peculiar feeling. And we were captured by the original sumptuous Empire style decorations of the thirties: huge chandeliers, red marble fountains, inlaid parquets.. Notwithstanding the rest room: a device worth of a castle, behind a mirror a secret hidden passage, an escape route for the King in case of emergency!

Well, this was the location, perfectly aligned with the core theme of Louis Vuitton, who knows quite a bit about the art of traveling. And not only...Louis Vuitton knows very well too about the art of welcoming and cuddling, wisely making you feeling a Royal Majesty - precisely what I felt this night.

A wonderful menu prepared by an outstanding Chef, Marco Stabile, has delighted our palates and taste, preparing classic festive specialities revised with originality and mastery, while classic melodies such as The Nutcracker and the Viennese waltz were flooding the atmosphere all around. A magic suspension of time.

What else can I add to all of this beauty? I surprised myself dreaming about leaving for a journey from there, feeling like a Queen for a while, also knowing that whenever Louis Vuitton is close to you, the dream is always true.

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