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Tudor and Basquiat: when time is precious

"When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it's only a minute, but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute you think it's two hours. That's relativity."

Albert Einstein

A time span of two hours can reveal either fleeting or endless according to the sense of time for an individual: time is therefore a personal perception, which can pass in a different way relying on the state of the spirit. As it cannot be clearly measured for everybody in the same way, its passing by always depends on the one who is living it.

Salvador Dalí with its melting clocks - The Persistence of Memory - has represented this concept with his wonderfully surrealistic style, while he was waiting at home for his wife and watching Camembert melting down on the dinner table.

In those pages of my blog I tell a bit about myself and I must confess that since ever I feel a worry regarding the use of my time in the best way. As if time was little and me employing it at its best, through beautiful experiences that could teach me something, open new boundaries, satisfy curiosities or raise new ones. No matter if those are or not exceptional experiences, it can just be daily instants, even empty sometimes, but memorable, in the sense that they can leave memory of positive moments.

Last night I have been guest at the Museo delle Culture of Milano attending to the presentation of a timepiece icon, the new Tudor Pelagos model, a scuba diving watch, provided with a large clock face and moreover with a very useful innovation, a left side watch crown, this change specifically made for left handed who will be able to wear the watch more easily on the right arm. This brand new model just launched by Tudor is breaking the rules as well as the frameworks compared to other watches and what better occasion to be introduced at the exhibition of an artist who has broken many rules with its pieces of art?

The guided tour to the Jean-Michel Basquiat pieces of art organized by Tudor has been a source of reflection on time, what a coincidence right on this topic.

This artist has lived only 27 years but has been able to leave work of art and contents both eternal and permanent.

Expressing his deep anger related to essential themes on human identity and to the painful matter of racism, Basquiat in his artworks has communicated - through trasgressive but with extraordinary intensity signs and symbols - his vision of the society, of a congested and noisy New York's energy, of jazz and black swing, boxing and human anatomy. Words with grammar errors made on purpose express scratching and inciting thoughts, together with pop drawings - four hands made with his friend and mentor Andy Warhol - unfolding a gash on a fascinating interior spirit.

In a very short life span and with its different way of being, the character Basquiat has created brilliant and bright pieces of art, achieving a huge success.

Back to time concept, still again. Little or much is not the point, essential is to live it at its fullest.

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