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Is Baroque back in Fashion?

Who ever would come out home a few years ago with round tip ballet shoes, wearing different layers skirts ballerina type, in pale pink powder color? Yet Valentino has inspired us with his skirts, Miu Miu with her ballerinas shoes and the current trend is to make contemporary this laced embroidery doll, styled with oversized grey or burnt brown pulls, paired sometimes with those boots already in our closets, and respecting the matching between pink, beige and some grey.

Short or long length is one alternately recurrent story in the cyclical fashion trend. The logic need for fashion to take it under control every time is an element of her vital incessant change. And the focus today is not the length, short for the evening or long for the day, no more strict rules so far. The focus is a style pervading everything with its 'grandeur', that until sometime ago we could not even figure out, lengths and widths becoming almost marginal.

How not point out that minimalism is over and a baroque style is coming ahead instead? The windows of well known boutiques can witness this argument and attract us, shaping also our taste little by little, liberating some worries and increasing the desire to dare.

Fashion, always strongly linked with its times, is the result of different instinctive and individual necessities that, while building up the system of appearances and desires, are the mirror of reality.

A reality in which it is imperative to be able to read all the signs without stopping at the surface, through art communication, linked too to its time and to the expression of certain needs.

And today maybe, it is the need to reaffirm, upon an apparent simplicity, the attraction for showy shapes and splendor, for color, ostentation, gold and frills jubilation.

That baroque opulence of Sir Pieter Paul Rubens paintings - he coincidentally spent many years of his youth in Italy, years which heavily influenced all his works of art - collected in a marvelous exhibition, just inaugurated at the Royal Palace of Milano.

Or to be perceived also through the Madama Butterfly choice, one of the most famous piece of music of the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, opening the Teatro alla Scala new Season.

An Opera celebrating the apotheosis of the feminine myth and the manner of dressing , with a music adorned of instrumental splendor, showing in its apparent simplicity a charm dense with many meanings, that make it so seductive still today, together with an oriental and extravagant style, both in the shapes and in the textures. The lingering sentimentalism, the affectation of some episodes, the operetta tones in some situations, the boyishness of some attitudes make it very rich, deep and close to the the style of the moment in the world of fashion.

Welcome back baroque!

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