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Dolce and Gabbana welcome the new when it advances, with jazz music opera and cheers!

I don't think I am committing any crime when I confess I was not a Dolce & Gabbana client. I am pleased saying that I have recently joined, attracted by something new which reflects myself, something I was not finding before, shining through everything this Fashion House has made in the last times.

I am very attentive to the changes - above all in the luxury and fashion world - and on top of all I am very fascinated by who is capable to put in practice the change and smells in the air what the customer wants, being able to offer it. In a moment of huge and very often tremendous socio-political mutations which inevitably have an impact on the economy, many are the Fashion Houses who must do some precise reflections, trying to find a new way, balancing own tradition with a renewal, necessary by now, concerning the products, their content and the customer relation.

Dolce e Gabbana have always been in the lead on a path that looks like a fairy tale becoming reality.

I would see a painter drawing this charming story since the beginning, with many illustrations and pictures. I think this could be a brilliant and very colorful painting tale, full with the characters creating the fairy tale atmosphere on the collections outfits: cats, little soldiers, stars and glass slippers, with the objects and the toys kids becoming fantastic decorations and which, as if by magic, transform dreams in reality.

The Fashion House had in the heart and in the plans a desire for evolution since sometimes and the latest fashion shows as well as the new opening of the Montenapoleone Boutique have highlighted this mark.

A transformation which the Fashion House has being riding outstandingly, if we judge by the results and moreover by the offering of gorgeous products, which have captured and continue to capture new female and male customers, thanks to a precious aesthetic and to a craft manufacturing of long tradition, unmatchable and attentive, with embroideries and stones which donate treasures and tell a story made with passion and love for the roots, adding in a simple way a very high value to the brand.

For Stefano e Domenico the most important thing is to make customers satisfied. And you can say this , yes you can really see it. You can perceive from the joyous atmosphere pervading the new boutique- and from professionalism of the personnel, carefully selected, one for all: Nicolo Acquadro - from the precious outfits and accessories, colorful and happy. They are always perfect and suitable, both in good mood as they reflect it, both in grim moments, because they can immediately enlighten and compensate you.

The minimalism is over so far, and they have always known this!!

Since always linked to the music - Madonna, Beyoncé, Mary J.Blige just to mention some artists, Dolce e Gabbana hold a very long collaboration story with celebrities. The brand recognizability itself has been partly created with the help of singers or actors with whom Stefano a Domenico have been able to build a privileged relationship, very often a personal one.

And upon invitation of Dolce and Gabbana to my friend Roberto, big fan and client, here I was last night a guest at Teatro alla Scala, to the première of Porgy and Bess, now considered one of the most important American operas of the twentieth century. Huge honor to the composer and to his marvellous music.

What set Gershwin apart was the ability to manipulate forms of music into his own unique voice. He took the jazz into the mainstream by splicing its rhythms and tonality with that of the popular songs of his era, mixing with classical influences too. George Gershwin believed that "true music must reflect the thought and aspirations of the people and time. My people are Americans, my time is now" but this did not limited his music from being fully appreciated and loved all over the world.

What if not seeing a similarity with the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion House?

An unconventional style that combines strong innovation with the Mediterranean flair of its origins, expressing new forms of elegance and presenting itself as a modern classicism, based on superior sartorial content and creativity.

Tonight it's Garshwin, in reality jazz is just one of the styles inspiring the latest Spring Summer collection 2017. The recurrent design on bomber and silk blouson, pijamas pants, caftani and t-shirt is music in all its forms. Trumpets, sax, piano, dancing scenes, but also writings saying 'salsa', 'cha cha cha' mixed up with embroideries light and palms and pineapple patterns.

"We are convinced that the change must always be accepted" Stefano and Domenico said, cheering to the news while it advances.

Able to understand everything and in this complicated moment too, able to raise the bar by offering a refined brand, manufactured with excellence, catching new clients too - and I am an example, being all over the entire world.


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