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Getting dressed is an act of creativity that sometimes needs inspiration

How can one get inspired when being submitted to multiple messages, even conflicting one with another?

Somebody said that being women we have available clothes, accessories and jewels that can donate us unlimited joy, and this is a luck to be used.

To be used with care, I add.

This week is not yet come to its end but I feel I have to make a point, composing my ideas upon the many stimulus I've had the chance to gather.

I took part to three Conferences, all linked by the topic of luxury, fashion and innovative communication tools aiming to create wish to buy and to experiment, suggestions, sharing, compulsion for exclusivity and glamour.

In a world where in September you can smell in the air what you will wear in June of the following year and which will be abused to be seen when June comes, how can one establish a personal style guideline, not too much fashionable but chic, present and contemporary, being able to express a message - we always release a message with what we wear- and which would reward us at the same time, one of the major functions when dressing up, after the physiological need at the base of Maslow's pyramid?

It seems almost belitlling to translate from English the word fashion to the Italian 'moda', the Italian meaning looks like being more ephemeral and older at the same time. On the contrary the term fashion is more brilliant, more sparkling and reflects the strong originality connotation of the trend to be followed in the current moment.

And here the perfect and never commonplace " Fashion passes, style stays", which identifies the real matter: how to possess a style here to stay, a personal own style, able to get inspiration from all that fashion offers, in its continuous passage.

I had the possibility to listen to the various eminent voices of the Italian luxury world.

First of all let's start by saying that fashion is influenced by current of historical and artistic events as well as by economic situation, whereas technology plays a large role in most aspects of todays’s society, making everything faster, hectic and more visible by far to a wide audience.

Advances and new developments are shaping and creating current and future trends. The luxury boutiques are temples where necessarily engaging an emotional bonding with the customer, but at this point in time they must be able to evolve to satisfy more and more the sophisticated requests of the ones who come in.

Internet technology, such as online retailers and social media platforms, has given way for trends to be identified, marketed and sold immediately.

Post on Instagram or Facebook can easily increase awareness about new trends in fashion which can create high demand for specific items or brands, triggering the 'must have' effect with an experience value, a success key for a product or a brand.

At the same time such a wide proposal creates an objective difficulty to choose for the final customer. It must be added that the customers themselves are not easy to be defined in precise clusters. They are young or younger than their real age, they are unpredictable, more international and more conscious. And this is due to technology, but also due to the fashion houses continuously launching new collections on the market - Pre-Fall, Cruise, Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer...- and proposing new products and new consumption models to final customers with whom in reality not always they manage to have a deep relationship or a personal link, another important key success point, I think.

Getting dressed is for me an act of creativity that can be inspired not only through what proposed by fashion industry, but which must be imperatively linked to a personal, social , cultural and artistic sensitivity. In any of its forms, culture influences own style, in a conscious or unconscious way. And everyone must be aware of what can better represent own personality or mood, choosing the preferred style without strictly following the diktat of the Season, which anyhow doesn't even exist anymore.

Many are indeed the suggestions and the inspirations derivable from the fashion weeks and from the real and virtual windows, but only one must be the style that everybody should personally interpret shaping it in various life moments.

Should somebody ask me for instance which are the criteria I follow when I choose what to wear, I would honestly answer that I don't know.

The unique rational is the season, sometimes not even this.

Despite the fact I like shopping, I have never ever gone out with this objective in mind - and not yet understood if this is more an opportunity than a risk!!!

I buy when I see something I like and which reflects me, anytime. Once it happened to buy a gorgeous evening dress without any immediate occasion to wear it, but I fell in love with it and at the end it resulted to be a perfect purchase, used with much success in many soiree. In my closet there are new and very fashionable pieces, pieces of some year ago, and some of many years ago. Piece of clothing of super luxury brands, as well as handmade, high quality and unique pieces I adore.

I wear them all, I mix them all, and the part I like most is exactly the game, always new, to create matches that are each time different and original, to surprise myself in putting together clothes from different origins. I don't take notes on purpose, and the game continues to happen each time.

Harmony among colors themselves is key for me, hardly more than two colors together, I like shades of the same color, and by far very important: the harmony with my mood of the day.

Rarely I wear black, to which I prefer blu and burgundy.

But there are a thousand items I cannot surely rationalize, which compose my style, deriving from my personality and sensitivity, from my culture and my studies, with many other starting points, such as architecture, shows, paintings and movies I see, books I read, my social life...

Everything is for me a source of inspiration, together with this marvelous fashion world, always telling some new and iconic story, and for this reason being a charming and boundless beauty creator.

The beauty that will save the world.

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