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The Charm of the Sea

I was born in a city located on the sea coast, where I spent just a few years of my childhood, still enough to fix in my memory the wonderful sea view, gathered by the windows of my house, and to let my soul be fascinated by the charming power of this vision.

This has been clearly impressed in my heart.

All along the years the sea and its power have occupied a special place in my scale of values, with the peculiar function of supporting me in hard moments or when taking crucial decisions, in general deeply inspiring my nature.

Looking at the tranquillity of this expanse or at its roughness, has been a way to free my soul and to see my attention been caught by the life of this entity, at the point that for a while I could completely forget the specific worry of that moment, helping me to elevate myself to a higher level.

And thank to this, everything is able to get to its right place in my mind, so that I clearly see and understand what has to be done or where to stand for.

It is a sort of meditation through which, being eventually inspired on how things should be, I take the way that brings me to find the good direction.

That's why from time to time I love a sea escapade, especially during Fall or Winter, when the sea is maybe more difficult to be loved because more complicated to be appreciated and therefore for this capable to attract my interest, pulling myself out of my trouble of the moment.

The Autumn wind, the Winter turbulent tides, the irregular currents, the loud voice of the undertow, the sea foam floating and breaking on the shores, or a peaceful and serene calm day...

All together and each one of those elements contribute to broad my compass.

The sea with its wide richness and transcendent spirit has been a deep source of inspiration for fashion style and arts, leading to wonderful revelations.

Coco Chanel in the '20s in Deauville reinterpreted the sailors' uniform, realizing blue and white bars pulls of Breton jersey. Jean-Paul Gaultier has repeatedly included the marina style in sailor stripes in his fashion collections.

Picasso has been very often portrayed wearing a blue striped shirt.

"The terrasse of Sainte Adresse" is a Claude Monet glorious painting, representing the sea as a desired place, friendly and accessible, like a society recreative moment. Or still Monet's "Etretat,The Cliff" paintings, where the rocks reflections create magic colors on the sea water surface. Or the various waves interpretations," The huge wave of Kanagawa" of K.Hokusai to "The Wave" of Paul Gauguin.

Since many years fashion luxury brands are introducing new outfits named "Cruise" collections, inspired by a sea mood for overseas resorts holidays.

The sharp meanings and the intense emotional suggestions stimulated by the sea are well described by the philosopher Nobel Prize in Literature Albert Camus:

"Nothing but music can come up to the sea".

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