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Louis Vuitton chez Place Vendome

Being today in Place Vendome, no place quite like it for Parisian chic, is a privilege I enjoy at its most together with a very strong emotion at the same time.

I am piqued by curiosity and anticipation, always part of a fashion show, but today they act as prelude for something even more than that.

It is not by chance if today Louis Vuitton fashion show takes place in this prestigious location: I’m sitting inside the future Louis Vuitton Boutique, address Place Vendome, number 2.

What could be more future than sitting in a place not yet existing?

What better symbol of transformation instinct than finding yourself in a reality that is not yet real, whose borders are no-depth walls, flat and grey painted but leaving space to imagine whatever?

This fashion show has a futuristic flair you can catch in its outfits lines, contemporary and geometric, warmed up by the colors of the soil, by gold, so much, and by moon silver shades. The different looks are matching formality and seriousness of a classic uniform – such as the a woman suit – with twisted dynamic lines, penetrated one inside another, interpreting the stretched dynamicity of contemporary life, where there is no separation among different materials and evening or day style, but everything is experimental and breaks down with a present that is already old fashioned, within a restless force towards evolution and abandon of the past.

The bag is the absolute leader of today’s fashion show and reinforces the link with pret-à-porter.

This Louis Vuitton fashion show is the leather accessory triumph: bags of such a shape, color and fantasy that only the most studied yet free creativity have brought to life and put together. So attractive bags to desire to possess them all, knowing each of them would find its right place.

The Louis Vuitton Maison is so capable to match perfectly compatible qualities such as fantasy and uniqueness together with its solid background of century tradition luggage and leather accessories producer, so that everything seems so natural, while behind there must be huge efforts, made real thanks to technique and competences accumulated over time.

The launch of the first city bags coincides, in the passage from XIX to XX century, with the attribute to the bag of an essential accessory.

I confess dressing myself starting from the bag and I choose all the rest as a consequence of it.

The bag helps a woman to cope with her day and with whatever will happen after.

Monsieur Louis Vuitton reached Paris on foot in 1837 after having left Anchay in 1833 at the age of fourteen, and opened his first store, Louis Vuitton Malletier, in 1854, where he started to sell travel trunks to the high society.

What would have been if this luggage genius found an obstacle during his on foot two years traveling and just stopped, or went back?

The best results are always coming from the combination of strong determination with some craziness, accompanied by a deep and wide vision of the future.

It seems like this has not changed at all in the Louis Vuitton tradition.

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