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The Art of October

Today is the first of October, I think a very fascinating month.

It is a more discreet and less cheeky month compared to Summer. It is easy to love Summer, happy and cheerful, less easy to accept a little more gloomy month, when life seems to run out and sun energy is less intense.

But the colors acquired by nature don't find any equal in any other moment of the year and October has a grace and an harmony well represented by the fall of the leaves.

In this transformation situation, the colors have a variety that passes by green to orange, through purple, then ocher, and finally yellow...

Colors warm up the landscapes, so everything acquires a special magic.

Wood, countryside, sweeps of thousands shades of green and the variegated brown

of the fields are continually renovating themselves and make one think about the process of removal of old stuff through meditation, necessary in all the transition phases of human and natural life.

It might due to this color richness and for the complexity evoked by this season, that Arts in history got interested in Autumn, inspiring various painters who have created amazing masterpieces.

I remember in particular some years ago at Royal Academy of Arts in London for having been impressed by "The trail of rose bushes" of Claude Monet , inspired by Giverny Garden. In this painting it is very easy to catch the emotion of Fall colors, the contrast between the strong and vivid colors not really representing the landscape but more the sensation evoked by the landscape itself.

October is a month of sensations.

The sensations of the Autumn colors have inspired my today's outfit. The pull greenfinch reminds of wood moss and leaves, recalled by the same silk shirt shade with some yellow patterns, color of yet dried leaves, while the pants burned color is perfect with the shade of leaves falling from the branches. The unique Louis Vuitton bag all decorated with sequins gives a tone of light to the whole style.

I think Autumn may be my best favorite season as I long for being surrounded by colors warmth and softness. The light is different and shorter than before, while nature looks like willing to explode with its beauty, to be sure to be noticed.

Also The Autumn of Antonio Vivaldi begins with Allegro and it represents one of the most poetic and expressive peaks of the entire Four Seasons.

Wishing you a month full with colors and music!

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