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The secret of beauty and elegance

“Whatever you do, for work or pleasure, do it with enthusiasm.

This is the secret of beauty. Also in fashion there is no beauty able to attract without vitality.”

Christian Dior

“The secret of true elegance is a well-groomed appearance. Even the best outfits, the most amazing jewels, the most attractive beauty are nothing without a well-groomed appearance”

Christian Dior

Even if he was one of the most important couturier of ever, with those two quotes Christian Dior pointed out in a very precise way that beauty is an attitude and a style, not depending entirely upon outfit or frills.

I fully agree.

Though, what I saw yesterday in the Dior Boutique would no doubt contribute to make a woman feeling beautiful and well-groomed in any single occasion she might encounter.

A piece I have always loved and which I was often wearing because elegant, versatile and practical, is the “robe-manteau”.

Literally speaking, a robe manteaux is a simple feminine dress, with a front full lacing , similar to a light overcoat.

Born in 1700, to be used during horse racings, it was originally a masculine way of dressing, it became then in 1840 a fashionable attire and only in the fifties was proposed again as clothing for women.

Besides being really very feminine, this outfit is very versatile because it can work both as a dress and an overcoat at the same time and, whether being or not matched with always various accessories, acquiring time after time a different style, changing according to the occasion.

For instance, the robe-manteau can be wore all alone and allows, mainly in the middle seasons, to avoid extra pieces. One of the rules of elegance is simplicity and here you are, going out just in your robe-manteau, nothing more, and being perfect.

Of this collection I particularly fell in love with the one I wear in the picture here.

The fine manufacturing , the embracing and harmonious line, the neck looking like a shawl, make me consider this as an outfit I would start to wear already in those cooler days of October, feeling really elegant all day long.

Fall ideal colours, a mix between black, dark brown, pink powder, all warm colours to be paired with various bags.

Perfect with a black bag as in the picture, but also with pink and all the shades of brown.

Or even with white, in a shining sunny day of Autumn season: very chic with a fine cashmere pull appearing in the neck and paired by one luminous white bag.

This is one piece that once inserted in one’s closet can only donate much pleasure in the act of wearing it and desire to experiment, being surprised to match it with always different accessories, for colour and style.

Another robe manteaux I have highly appreciated, more decorated no doubt but very refined and unique, is the white embroidered model – embroidery is one of the most beautiful creations by the hand of a couturier – to be wore in appropriate circumstances, such as a cocktail or an evening. I felt like a Queen trying this masterpiece. Bluebells embroidered pearls and sequins attracting the light through the movement of every step, while the little asymmetrical line and the narrow waist were wrapping up my silhouette.

"Either you are a masterpiece or you wear it" Oscar Wilde

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