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A private experience in Rome

Premise: I love to celebrate.

Current situation: I am in Rome.

How lucky am I to celebrate this first month of my blog being invited by Fendi in Rome to a cocktail and a very exclusive dinner at Zuma? A fortunate coincidence that I wonderfully celebrated.

I believe in wishes becoming true, and this comes through my fairy tail childish side I continue to care so much for. I’ve not only been invited to this special evening, but also hosted in the prestigious and distintive Private Fendi Suites in Via della Fontanella di Borghese and Largo Goldoni.

A unique experience.

Actually I tried to get to sleep but kept on staying awake still delighted by the many excitements and in the attempt to tidy up the various feelings I assimilated in the evening...

Fendi being unique bags, fabulous furs and outfits, colors and textiles masterpieces, objects of desire shoes, all of them permeated by a surprising and very feminine creativity.

Then, when you are sipping a Peekaboo cocktail, you stare at Boutique marbles, the lines, the light games, the furs inlays on the walls, the lift transparent seeming to have a Roman fountain water splashes on its glass, the stairway connecting everything... and you understand that each time is not enough to catch the depth of this brand, its core values, its brand stunning flavors, its majesty, its history richness that perfectly merges with the moment.

This Boutique is this only by definition, in reality it is the amazing temple of a brand that is breathtaking when lets you discover the private apartment where you would stop just for a while. A side corner surprising you - how do I love surprises - with the charm of the past and the contemporary colors together with arts masterpieces, all of them making a world that is above and timeless, overcoming the borders of a luxury brand delimitation, being Fendi itself the luxury world.

And everything goes on, in a perfectly designed and coherent circle, because Fendi's refinement, research, culture depth meet with Zuma values, and entirely combine themselves.

Another unique moment of experience.

I appreciate traveling, though desiring to do it more, and when traveling my curiosity is amplified, being pushed to link together different feelings, stimulated by the journey itself, with my memories and my sensibility.

Experience is the best value you can derive from a journey to be owned forever inside your heart, and when a prestigious brand like Fendi invites you to enjoy it, then you are really receiving a precious gift.

I knew it would not all finish by midnight. And here I am in the Suites.

Obsession for quality in every single detail, authenticity, passion for aesthetic: you deep down understand how everything Fendi instills must be excellently outstanding.

The great personality of this brand stays in the capability of creating a strong emotional bonding all along various experiences.

There is a subtle fil rouge connecting furs, bags and pret-à-porter , passing through the heart of Boutiques design and finding the apotheosis of its expression in these Suites, where I have been hosted for one night, the most private, exclusive and complete experience you can dream of.

Last night I had a dream, but when I woke up it was true.

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