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Sailing: a beautiful point of view

Sailing has something magic when you leave mainland and begin feeling wind and air.

It is a magical feeling. Being carried out by a force we cannot really see but feel as a strong power.

Breeze is filling the boat and puts everything in motion with a silence that is restful and allows us to watch and wonder around.

Priceless to watch land from this new perspective, we become sensitive to the subtle nuances of nature and suddenly hear noises from distant places with the clear acknowledgment we have nothing to do with them.

This is a wonderful experience if you let yourself go and accept whatever comes but at the same time you are able to take control , steer the bow, make tiny adjustments in this or that sheet, trying to understand what affects motion to improve it, always keeping the guidance and not letting yourself guided.

Sailing means for me commanding a strong external force and take the most out of it.

Is this not the life's metaphors?

Aren't we all like sailing boats needing the right wind to proceed and sometimes being able to adapt ourselves to a rough and angry power we need to control?

When I was a girl, I have attended to sailing schools for years during Summertime and had several sailing experiences in my life. The longest been just before my Graduation at Bocconi University, when I spent five weeks sailing in the lovely Grenadines islands.

A wonderful vacation. At that time I was much more austere and one small soft traveling bag was enough for the all vacation. I confess I could not be able to do the same, having many more needs to fulfill with my luggage, at this point of my life.

But today I have been invited on the ideal ship for sailing, considering myself as I am today. The A80 of Advanced Yachts: the real flagship model of the Salone Nautico.

This gorgeous creation meets design, elegance, style and total comfort on board together with the highest level of functionality. Thanks to its structure and the particularly performing hull, this boat can guarantee excellent performances together with very high levels of strength, characteristic of blue ocean boats.

And this stunning boat has already faced with the ocean crossing, winning the Arc for its category in the regatta started in the Canary Islands and reaching St Lucia - an island that brings me back to my sailing in the Caribbean Islands.

Returned to the Mediterranean Sea, the Advanced 80 is now ready to leave in a month for the whole world trip, heading to Phuket by December 2017, to race for the Kings Cup Regatta, the most prestigious Asian regatta.

The life's metaphor, set challenging goals and cross the sea of existence, discovering new horizons, never stopping.

Wishing you good wind!

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