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Champagne is always the best choice

"A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne , the only true feminine and becoming viands." - Lord Byron

Last night I have been invited to a very brilliant evening.

The most ancient French Champagne House, the very prestigious Maison Ruinart, together with my friend Simone Baudo of Parking, have invited me to the Blanc & Noir Cocktail, organized in one of the most beautiful Milanese terraces, ME Milan The Duca in Piazza della Repubblica.

Glasses of champagne flowing, gold like honey ,were sparkling exactly when sunset light was donating an extraordinary shade to the Milanese skyline.

I love Milan which, with its busy streets due to the fashion week beginning, last night

as a view from above seemed to be muffled, and pushed me to fly with my mind.

Watching from above let me always feel a sense of grace, serenity and lightness.

The sense that one has when offering no resistance to life and is not depending on things being in a certain way, be good or bad. Free to enjoy what come, until it lasts.

Charles Baudelaire was saying“who drinks only water owns a secret to hide”.

Apart from water, I drink only champagne when the opportunity is there, and this helps me not to have secrets. I'm not saying this just because I'm writing about, and who knows me is fully aware of it.

Ruinart is my preferred champagne, particularly Blanc de Blancs, the only one I drink in every occasion.

I love everything of this Maison, its ancient history, the bottles shape, - the same since the beginning in 1729 - the very high excellence qualitative standards, the crown logo, the brand name, its link with arts, including contemporary arts, things that make of it a very complete and profound product.

Champagne and culture, a prestigious marriage.

I have very often the privilege to be invited to special occasions where Ruinart is always present.

What better time of a black and white evening to see a portrait shooting, black and white obviously, with a Leica camera?

Leaving us an unique printing, as the memory of a beautiful evening - for once not only virtual.

Thank you.

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