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Fendi exclusive preview

Today I dreamt.

I dreamt in the Montenapoleone Fendi Boutique of Milan, where I was invited at the new exclusive collection preview FW 2016/2017. And while being dazzled by the gorgeous items parading in front of me - items that I have also tried on - I was asking to myself some questions, whose answers renew my great sense of admiration for this brand.

How could such an historical brand, so deeply rooted on a few products categories , be able to completely renovate itself and maintain at the same time its intact heritage?

How could it move on a daring adventure territory far away from its original clients, being able instead to capture many additional more, reinforcing at the same time the emotional bonding with all the previous ones?

How could it totally dare to eliminate that brown logo so meaningful, distinctive and very recognizable also for its chromaticism, replacing it with new symbols but still linked to the brand history ?

And yet, Fendi has been able to show once again the disruptive force of its daring innovation together with the solid foundations of its tradition.

An always surprising design, creative but not too extravagant, so as to be beloved, valued and desired by mothers and daughters at the same time. Being versatile in so many occasions with a distinctive touch that emphasizes its uniqueness in the luxury world.

An Italian excellence we notice in the passionate attention to the detail, sublimated in a broader vision by this brand, who makes one dreaming to live inside it. This is what I desired today.

This means to be contemporary. A value not easy to possess and not even to maintain, which Fendi is each time reinterpreting and delivering in a smart and funny way, thanks also to the collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld lasting since fifty years. Here we have the Soul of the brand style, ensuring continuity between tradition and contemporary.

We all like this kind of lightness whenever surprising, though reassuring at the same time how it's all about extreme luxury - not a joke. It is through every single product that shines a reassuring and unmatchable craftsmanship, every single detail contains the story of a savoir-faire lending uniqueness to every single item.

The main feature of this collection is a wave, declined in the wonderful dresses, as well as in the accessories, always unexpected and never repetitive, and can be found again in the silk shirts and in the outerwear. A wave not only giving sweetness but also a fierce touch and an original flavor.

Among all the wonders I've seen today, I left my heart on the outfits of the pictures. The care and the preciousness of the blouse dazzling embroidery, wore on a striped top, and the caramel pants whose shape and weight is suitable for every season.

And another outfit enchanted me, it was a trumpet shaped pant paired with a shirt having beautiful cuffs, to be even more appreciated when shyly appearing from a leather double jacket, surprising for its white color inside - I particularly adore white. And what about the shoes? A bicolor, twelve centimeters high heels, very comfortable thanks to their plateau, flowers decorated and laser cut, same pattern I found also on the beloved Peekaboo.

Notwithstanding the so called "selleria" processing , so classic on paper but even so contemporary in reality: it is called "Lei" and is a traveling bag in leather craftsmanship, with such an obsessive and passionate care for the detail together with a color matching making a "must have" of it.

And for the furs lovers, Fur&Fun, that's the smart idea: a "traveler gilet" to be stored also in its practical bag - a beautiful shopping bag with "selleria" craftsmanship details to be used anyway - having a lot of fun in assembling and disassembling it in various different ways according to the different occasions to wear it.

A great solution when traveling and no too much space is left to bring along many jackets.

At the end only Fendi is able to combine a noble term, such as extreme luxury, together with serious craftsmanship and with the lightness of fun, game and surprise....

All of this has captured my heart.

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