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Traveling in style

Dressing up for traveling is always a big dilemma for almost every woman. We want to be stylish and at the same time we need to feel comfortable.

We would like to use our branded icons to add polish to our outfit without appearing over-logo dressed. Briefly, we'd like to be simple and chic.

I don't claim to end up just in one article with this issue, complicated and full with important details, which I'll examine also further on.

But for the moment let's start to investigate it.

I am talking about traveling by plane, yes I adore flying. I love the feeling of being completely disconnected from the world.

My best ideas have always been generated when I was alone on a plane. No nothing to interfere with your mind flying all above everything, without time pressure, without you mentally tied to an sms, a whatsapp, a mail, a phone call interrupting you or attracted by your starving curiosity to visit your beloved socials.

You and yourself: what a rarity!!!

Long or short getaway, it doesn't matter, at least you can experience some wide time, useful to think, to dream and fly away together with your spirit.

In short, what really matters is that you should travel in a fuss-free yet stylish airport dressing.

Little depends on the type of getaway, long overseas journey or just a quick max two hours flight, in any case you should think carefully about your look and not just wear the first so called casual outfit you store in that part of your closet. You must be simple and chic.

Comfortable-yet-chic footwear are a must, especially if you expect a long flight ahead.

Last winter I bought a wonderful pair of black Balenciaga, perfect to pair with a capri pant for an informal trip or with long high waist and wide trousers in the chance of a more formal business trip. I love those shoes for their comfort, their functionality and their aesthetic - the cute pink strap which lets me marry them with my traveling pink trolley is "the" detail.

Black or printed is, I must say, always the perfect color choice to travel, that's why I rather often prefer black pants.

It happened once when an hostess poured an orange juice on my trousers, the black at least hid the stain until I reached the hotel for a change.

I don't make any compromise on my bags....A hands-free mini bag allows me easily carry additional pieces of luggage, thing that I do regularly, to store a dressing change, in case I need to go straight from the airport to my destination, together with keyboards, iPad, battery packs, books and kindle plus a trousse containing hydrating creams and make-up products of my preferred brands.

Being someone who routinely and tactically overpack, I admit that I don't feel clothes-deprived if I add to the above luggage also my trolley, abusing of its front pocket, useful to access quickly to magazines, documents and laptop, without having to open up the case.

A tailored blazer or a lightweight jacket give a touch of sophistication to a casual look. An oversized scarf will come in handy if I'm dealing with chilly temps at cruising altitude. No need to say that it should match with the colors of my outfit.

And you, how do you like to dress up for your traveling? What would you like to change in your habits?

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