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About White

"White resonates like a silence that can suddenly be understood." cit. Wassily Kandisky

I have always thought how this wonderful quote of W. Kandisky is perfect to explain why I love to wear white.

And I mean a full white attire, including white accessories and pearls.

It is my way to send a message to the world: I need to turn something off, deserving some understanding. Please let me be.

It comes out naturally from a specific need of my spirit, normally because I feel I have to reset my equilibrium and aid my mental clarity, emptying my mind to stimulate openness, growth and creativity.

If you learn to listen to your inner voice, sometimes it could get to a point when it shouts what you should put into action to feel better.

When I dress up in white it is one of those moments.

White is a combination of all colors and the indicator of light and brightness. It has usually powerful meanings associated to several life moments, traditionally wedding, baptism and in general linked with a message of purity and innocence.

Exhibiting a white uniform speaks the wish to start up again, in total cleanliness. It is definitely the color of a new beginning and I really love abusing of white in my everyday life.

As an example, on my birthday, the kick-off of a new activity, the first day of an holiday, the day when somebody is leaving or arriving.

At the end every day is a new start, and here we are. Live your life day by day.

Also for the New's Year Eve sometimes I chose white instead of red. White and pure for the New Year, I have already paid for my debts in the past year and I am sparkling immaculate to pass to a new starting point. Obviously the first of January finds me in white clothes.

I recently realized that I have always appreciated white but it is not since so long that I dare to show a full white dress code.

White is for me a wonderful choice and it can be noticed by the frequency I wear it.

And what do you think? How do you like white and would you dare to wear it?

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