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I have always loved to dress up with a certain style, inspired by an inner part of me.

Though in my business career and in certain management positions I could not always easily wear what my spirit was suggesting: better no logo, better no frills, better no colors. The wrong idea that you could be judged by what you wear. Especially if you are a woman.

Some years have passed, I changed my life and my mindset. I have released all my constraints and built up my personal style, dress up as I feel it everyday, I mix up colors, brands, frills and logo. And I feel myself really very well.

With my outfits I would like to be a source of inspiration for all the women who would chose to follow me, so that they could dare more and find their way to feel themselves better to face every day at their best.

To unveil the first page of my blog, I chose a wonderful Hermes shawl which I adore and is particularly reflecting my nature at its fullest.

I love blue, the sea and the sky color, they both please my spirit with their endless horizon.

I love the sun, yellow and gold, it brings me energy and life.

The sundial represented on the shawl marks each sunny hour of the day and the printed Latin poet Horace aphorism "carpe diem", advices us to seize the day, live the present, moment by moment.

This is the perfect life concept: the past is gone, the future is unknown and the present, by its real meaning, is a gift.

Good or bad, no matter what, just accept it, try to learn and get the most out of it.

This is my mantra.

Welcome to my style notebook.

Get the most out of it.

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