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Luxury and Circular Economy

The days to look down on buying a second-hand luxury item are over. Whatever is happening around us leads towards more responsible consumption and it is not surprising that the market for the resale of luxury accessories has exploded. If we analyze the numbers, the expectations are that this market will exceed 50 billion dollars in 2023.

I am pleased to analyze this phenomenon, certainly not new but which with its rapid evolution proves to be the best way to increase the luxury sustainability.

Because the basis for the diffusion of this sales system is the change in consumer preferences, giving increasing importance to the social and environmental impact of their purchases, especially the younger generations, while at the same time having the need to change often worn accessories.

The second-hand market extends the life and durability of luxury products. Often some bags have never been worn and keeping them inside a closet would be a shame. Instead, reintroducing them to the market creates a circularity, a topic at the forefront of today's fashion.

I consider the theme of circularity very popular these days. A scarcely used article, instead of being forgotten in a corner of the wardrobe, can have a new life in the hands of those who buy and use it. Those who sell it, recovering part of the investment made at the time, can reinvest it in new luxury products at full price, thus increasing their purchasing power by purchasing even more expensive items than they would have bought without a resale market. All this certainly creates an additional opportunity to increase the sales of the primary market of luxury brands, demonstrating how the second-hand is no way in competition with it but becomes complementary and initiation for a series of prospects that can be approached in this way.

At the base of the whole story lies the fact of how these items constitute a form of investment that lasts over time and I had proof of this talking to Sonia La Mela, owner of the Lalame Scent of Luxury brand that deals with buying and reselling luxury bags , mainly of the Hermes and Chanel brands, but also Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent ...

The very wide and accurate offer and the professionalism of Sonia La Mela are fundamental elements in her growing success in the business. And her market is very large because, thanks to the advent of the digital era and a personalized marketing strategy based on the data collected, it can always target new consumers, offering a range of authenticated products and contributing to the fight against counterfeiting, an essential factor for the protection of the represented brands.

Sonia La Mela certifies the authenticity of the bags she sells following a specific procedure that concerns the control of the manufacturing details and the characteristics of the brand and model, as well as a cross of data linked to the unique production code for each bag.

Another very important topic of the second-hand market lies in exclusivity.

Shoppers are looking for products out of range or stock, limited edition bags that are no longer available in the store and having unique characteristics that cannot be replicated, often collectible.

Sonia La Mela told me that more than once she met ladies who had left their hearts as girls on a particular Chanel model they could not buy at that time as out of their budget or that after a while it was no longer available in boutiques. Thanks to LALAME Scent of Luxury, on the other hand, they had the chance to find that model in perfect condition and after many years to indulge on their distant youthful desire.

In addition, the more affordable price is another advantage that makes you lean towards the second hand. Those who buy these items are looking for bargain and good value for money.

There is another aspect that feeds into this whole process with LALAME Scent of Luxury and in this way of selling: human factor and gratitude. Beyond international platforms that have developed this business in an industrial way, the relationship with Sonia La Mela maintains a very important personal aspect, made up of advice and research of some specific products, which stimulates a relationship of trust and a sense of gratitude by her customers in the long run keeping them connected.

As if to say, the purchase of a beautiful bag is forever!

Handbags by Lalame Scent of Luxury Vintage Shop

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