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Milano, I Love You

Last night my black and gold outfit was in line with the municipal regulation, according to which all the shops inside the Gallery must have gold-colored inscriptions on a black background.

Aside from my personal homage to the Lounge - where I once overthrew the entire content of my basketball on the famous bull balls because I did not want to walk upon - last night the tribute to the Gallery was the one of a whole cohesive city which through its institutions and commercial activities, has celebrated an important anniversary contributing with its altruistic vocation to help the poorest.

A very elegant and sophisticated evening and sober at the same time, as in the best Milanese traditions, during which I personally felt very touched and proud in being part of this attentive and committed community, serious but pleasant, generous and collaborative.

All the staff was smiling while working hard, you could see it from their eyes, happy to participate in this piece of history - yes of this we talk about. I do not dare to think what it meant behind the scenes to prepare and give more than 900 guests a perfectly al dente risotto, a ossobuco I confess I devoured, though I'm not a carnivore, so delicious, and a gorgeous panettone - gourmand as I am I would have asked for another ...

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, in my opinion, is female and celebrates the openness to the world that Milan has always had. In fact, the 4 continents depicted in the lunettes at the four arms at the top of the walls are represented by female figures, carefully dressed.

So I also see the elegance in this, not only of style but of manners these symbols want to communicate. The class and refinement of the various parts of this gallery, brought to light by the recent renovation. Like the marvelous mosaic marble floors, which last night shone even more and I did not stop to admire. just of the clothes but in the style that these continents communicate, through the symbolized geographical area. The recent refurbishment of the gallery has brought new light to the marvelous mosaic flooring, which last night shone even more and I did not stop to admire.

The style of Milan is unmatched, and we do not say it with resonance but with respect and spirit of inclusion, two adjectives that well define the Ambrosian charity soul that pervading this evening.

Moreover, it is through the commercial activities and the hard work that Milan built its economic strength - and the Gallery represents the symbol of this, since it was in the eight hundred that in Milan arose for the first time the idea of ​​building a commercial path to link Piazza Duomo to Piazza della Scala, a tangible symbol of uniqueness and innovation in Italy and in the world, even anticipating cities such as London, Paris or Brussels. At that time in the Gallery there was gas light, every evening lit with a large cigarette lighter, a romantic note told in his speech by the Mayor of Milan who underlined the great commitment and the talent of everyone in this city.

Milan, I know, maybe I'm biased but you never stop moving me deeply and, I swear, I'm writing it with some magone (=emotion) in my heart .... Did you know that 'magone' has Lombard roots?

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