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Chez Hermès

Good evening and welcome to a large Mediterranean house, with whitewashed bricks walls, made with natural materials and flooded with light, sprinkled in every corner of objects that have found their ideal space.

Furniture, soft furnishings, wallpaper, porcelain services, to name a few. Here is the house of Hermès.

A home where nothing is left to the chance, every accessory is perfect and above all full of contamination from other worlds, horseback riding, country house, leisure clothing and colorful ties.

I imagine to take a tour of this home in the carriage, the Diligence which is exactly what this serving trolley in wickerwork and wood brings to my mind.

Hermès dresses objects for the home as the saddler dresses the horse and the leather is the carrier and the functional element besides being able, in this case, to reveal the beauty of the whole.

So a leather which confers resistance, enhancing the aesthetics of the lines and the plasticity of forms. As for the horse harness designed by Hermès, known for their finesse and therefore capable of relieving the animal of the ceremonial trappings, re-establishing freedom of movement and potential, as well in the objects for the home Hermes has liberated rather than hide.

The leather then combined with other materials, light maple wood, wicker, crystal or metal, gives the structure to the object, it unburdens and refines.

The leather completes a box, or with the appearance of a lid it gives form to indoor harness designed to hang, hold, hook.

The ability to give pleasure and feel good at home is the feeling that these objects have inspired me.

Together with the surprise for objects with unusual shapes for domestic purposes, as this library where are placed the boxes Mille Jeux.

Or like this coffee table, cast in bronze, which looks like a metal girder, a rail, able to donate an architectural mark to the space in which it resides. An austere and waxed patinated monolith, where light is vibrating, creating magical optical illusions.

And from hereafter all the porcelain plates, in different color harmonies are inspired once again by the fabrics, particularly by the ties design, and reveal the explosion of micro-motifs, while from a distance they seem to be coloured in a single hue being monochrome.

Here, an unexpected home that is constantly moving, full with movement and life, where hiding are liberated everything is revealed to its essence.

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