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Pretty in Pink

Pink can be a controversial color when you are adolescent because when a girl wants to affirm her adult personality, wearing pink could represent a weakness, being pink normally considered the color of an age that girls want to repudiate, symbolizing little girls, cotton candy , bubble gum and babies.

But it comes a time when you understand better the value of this color. And you might, as me , have a very strong attraction for pink, finding also many ways to wear it.

Pink is today a sweet and feminine color.

Though, maybe just a few are aware that in the first decades of the last century, kids specialized magazines used to specify that the commonly accepted rule was pink for the boys and blue for the girls. Pink considered a strong and definite color, also because closer to the red, was more masculine as linked to battles, while blue , more delicate and pretty and associated to the Virgin Mary veil color, was more suitable to the girls. Things have changed since then.

Pink is warm, it is "the other" red, it means creativity, and it is also punk rock! It is very elegant too when paired with black, or grey, or dark red.

Pink is the symbol of hope, it is a positive color inspiring trust and optimism in the future and in others. It's a color that calms primordial instincts, slow down aggressiveness transmitting tranquillity and pushing to think before action.

Today I was wearing my black leather Louis Vuitton skirt matched with a pink jabot shirt and my pink Capucine bag.

I did not know anything about 2016/2017 FW collection and I felt perfectly aligned with what Louis Vuitton has presented. This new collection is the jubilee of pink: pink dresses, pink overcoats, top and pink bags, as you can see by the picture.

Pink often paired with black, the top of elegance and chic.

But it was not only pink. I have seen beautiful boots, just a little rock, perfect with my skirts and leather black pants. I could not resist and those are already in my closet...And what about this beautiful Petite Malle or the Camera bag with reverse monogram?

We will see. Father Christmas letter has still to be written.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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